Beach Camp Coffee takes pride in always making the sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. It all starts with organic coffee seeds. Every coffee seed we roast is an organic seed and always will be. On top of that we do our best to seek out Rain Forest Alliance Approved and Fair Trade seeds. 

We also make a pledge to always use biodegradable packaging. Our 340g bags are made of a non-bleached kraft paper, lined with a food safe plant based bio film that will biodegrade when mixed with sunlight, moisture and a bit of soil in less than 30 days. Please note that the degassing valve in the bag is not biodegradable and must be pressed out and disposed of separately. 

For local/returning customers we offer a reusable jar refill right at our roastery in Port Renfrew. We recommend bringing a clean 1L mason jar or similar to refill, And for our local cafe's, we deliver our beans in reusable 5lb buckets that get returned and refilled. 

Every little step helps in terms of keeping plastics out of our oceans and landfills and we do our best at Beach Camp Coffee to minimize our impact.