Our Roasting Process

Here at Beach Camp Coffee, we take our coffee pretty seriously. After all, roasting is all we do. 

Our process starts by hand selecting the finest organic coffees we can find each season. We strive to also purchase fair trade/direct trade, women’s cooperative and Rain Forest Alliance Certified when we can. 

From there, our greens go into a small batch Diedrich Coffee Roaster that was hand built in Idaho. This tradition drum roaster is the original, artisan way of roasting coffee. 

We do use a bit of tech with the roaster however. A small tablet records bean temperatures throughout the roast to help track and ensure consistency from roast to roast and day to day. This was traditionally recorded using good old fashion pen and paper. 

Once roasted, the coffees get hand packed into our biodegradable packaging and sent out for you to brew and enjoy. 

Feel free to swing by our roasting shack, check out the roaster and pick head roaster, John Rathwell’s brain with any coffee questions you might have.